Merry Christmas & Happy New 2022 Year

Intspirit’s Corporate Party

We at Inspirit would like to round up our 2021 journey. The year turned out to be our most productive yet. Our team has grown 1.5 times. We started working on some innovative projects with huge value — with both new and returning clients. To our new clients — let’s rock on! And to our returning clients — thanks for choosing to continue the collaboration, and let’s keep helping each other out!

This year we have raised the developers’ salaries by 50% on average, some even by 100% or more. We’ve also held about a dozen events for our employees for small and large holidays.

This year both of our teams have moved to new offices. Our Taganrog team now resides in an 18th-century mansion on a shore of the Taganrog Bay. And our Krasnodar team has moved to a much more modern and spacious office with spectacular morning view.

Our engineers keep improving the quality of development, taking courses, and attending large conferences. And this, in turn, has a positive effect on our customer relations.

From the entire Intspirit team, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




High-level software engineers for powerful web solutions

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Intspirit Ltd

Intspirit Ltd

High-level software engineers for powerful web solutions

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