“Hello world” from Intspirit!

Hey crowd, what’s up?!

Not the best article starting but we are freshmen here and for sure will hit a few bumps. Excited to let you know who we are, what we do, our ups and downs, so let’s pull back the curtain.

Intspirit is an alloy of critical thinking, doubting (why not? it’s okay to have doubts and find smth that works best finally!), developing, debugging, and testing people. Over 11 years our fullstacks digested programming languages, architectured DBs, contributed to opensource, skyrocketed apps to “live” and still are having fun.

We’ve accumulated knowledges, boosted our expertise, closed issues and opened new ones, used tricks, invented hundreds solutions and put them into the “trunk”. Thinking it’s a good time to open it.

Diving into Medium for us is like walking into a restaurant for a blind date. We spot our readers holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a bunch of tasks somewhere in the background :)

Everyone is welcome to join us in this adventure!

Intspirit makes IT better.

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